Mystery of the Missing Updates

Ahoy all,

I apologize for not posting some kind of news update sooner.  Both Matt and I have been slammed at our respective jobs, and I've been rather burned out for the last couple of months.

TTG is officially on break for a bit, as much to allow me to focus on some after-hours training I need to complete for work, and because lately I have been horribly burned out artistically.

The comic itself has become somewhat unsustainable in its current form.  Folks have commented before that I'm spending far more time on each page than I probably need to, but it was my choice because I wanted to work that much on each page.  I don't have as much time to work on the comic as I use to, and so trying to do as much with less time has become a frustrating practice. 

So changes are coming to TTG in the near future, just not quite sure what it'll look like yet.

Thanks for hanging out with us in the mean time, and for your patience for this burned-to-a-crisp artist :)


TTG Chapter 2 Page 23

Yes, the page is finally available!

Congratulations to Hogan who won TTG's first mini contest! He will be receiving some artwork from Michelle! Stay tuned, there will be a new contest coming up in about 2 weeks. If you'd like to know when the contest is announced, join us on Facebook, Twitter or our e-mail distribution list at Yahoo Groups to get the word when the next contest is announced.

More news is on the site, so go there now! :D

Page 22!

* Matt and Michelle peek out from beneath their respective mountains of work * Ah yes, we are back! Sorry about the delays, both artist and writer have been absolutely SWAMPED with work-related events. We're both still in the middle of massive projects, so the next update is planned for the end of March.

Meanwhile, Michelle has been sponsoring a 'Fanart for a Spider Forest Member' since November. She's had a lot of fun reading and drawing characters from other Spider Forest comics, and has posted both her gift art to others and gift art received (or will once we get a handle on some HTML issues... Matt would like to point out that he's the writer, and has a HORRID grasp of HTML, which Michelle has only just realized).

Finally, the site will no longer be updated, and in fact will be disappearing at some point. Michelle decided not to renew the site in light of the fact that she's had no time to manage it and that TTG has become her primary focus over her 'other artwork'.

See ya next time! :D

Tales of the Traveling Gnome @ SpiderForest

Page 21, late arrival...

November 1st? *blinks* Um... holy crap, where'd the YEAR go?!? Well, as you might have noticed, the prior month's update was delayed... Life has been EXTREMELY busy for the both of us. Michelle has been completing some work-related training during non-work hours that will continue until the end of the year, and Matt has seen not one, not two, but THREE total system meltdowns where he work. Incidentally, did you know that lightning strikes are very, very bad for computer systems, especially if they receive a DIRECT hit? Now you know.

On that note, given Michelle's class schedule, plus, given the holiday season arriving, etc etc... updates might be delayed during the coming months. Michelle will strive to get the November and December pages done as close to on-time as she can, but updates will have to be on a "when it's ready" basis until after January.

See ya next time! :D

Page 19 is up

One day late, though it might have been updated last night if Old Man Matt didn't have to go to bed once the sun goes down. In his defense, though, his place of employment got hit by lightning on Wednesday last week, and he spent the rest of the week trying to fix a massive amount of damage, so he was rather tired.

On the same subject, did you know that surge protectors don't actually help all that much when hit with a direct strike of lightning? Mmm, melted plastic and metal smells GOOD! *cough* Gak!

Today's page hurt to draw. Not literally, but ouch... just... ouch. Go read it, you'll see what we're talking about.

And JJ, creator of the Lounge, has done up a head sketch of our evil sorceress. Click here to go to his Deviantart page and give it a look! WHOHOO!!


Page 18 is up

Many apologies for another late update, but it was with good reason!

Between attending the ComicGenesis cookout (where a good time was had by all), various life issues getting in the way, and an attack by rabid squirrels intent upon stealing all of life's sundries from our houses, the update for May just wasn't in the cards. So this update's early for June, and then next month's scheduled for the 31st.


Chapter 2, Page 15

Um, yeah, seems like Matt accidentally posted that we'd update February 2nd, instead of the 28th... and forgot to mention that to me. Sorry about that! Matt did finally get the full Spiderforest site up and running now, and there's a RSS feed somewhere, so everything looks all pretty and un-broke'd again.

Nothing much else to talk about, TTG-wise this month. Matt and Michelle both are sick of cold weather and are looking forward to a few good days of warmer weather to thaw out.

However, Matt's other project, Tales of Pylea is getting a bit of a reboot! The artist for that comic asked me to paint it up for here, and you can see the finished cover in my Deviant-Art gallery here:

See ya'll next month!


Page 12 is up!

Holy cow, that was a fast month... and oh, lookie! It's about the first time in what, two, three years, since we saw anyone in a decent lighting situation? Hehee...

We have exactly 2 pages left to go before we hit our 50th comic! If anyone has any fanart they'd like to send us to celebrate this milestone that's nearly 5 years in the making, we'd greatly appreciate it. You can send it to us at ttg_webcomic at as attachments, links, whatever... just nothing malicious, right? ;) Plenty of time left to go! We're also debating doing something special for this event as well, though we'll leave that under wraps at the moment. Don't want to give anything away, after all!


TTG Chapter 2 Page 8

Page 8 is now available!

We are now officially moved over to Spider Forest, and will not be updating Comic Genesis going forward. This also gives us a new forum over on Spider Forest, and we'll be closing shop over at CornStalker soon.

I know I'm always late on my updates, and I apologize for that. We hope to update by the end of August, despite having a couple of all-weekend events coming up.

We're thinking about adding a twitter feed and/or a chat box to the site. IF anyone has any thoughts (positives/negatives) or suggestions, we'd appreciate it :D

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