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Udate: Page 01 Finished

Page one was finished in a flurry of drawing this weekend! Based on how long it took to get the third panel done (which is quite large), I'm going to say for now that updates will come every one to two weeks, depending on what my schedule is doing that week and the complexity of the panels involved.

Hopefully I can get it down to just one week as I become more proficient at certain things... like perspective. Mr. Perspective and I are not on a first name basis yet, so there is much seething and gnashing of teeth as I try to fill panels with all the pretty details.

Next update should be in about two weeks, as it involves yet again more perspective and BIG panels :)


Please feel free to mention if you get errors trying to access pages. I discovered that I'd forgotten to upload the JS file this morning, and it as causing browsers to crash. Sorry if that affected anyone out there!

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