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Page 31 is up!

Yes, the new page is up, but only at http://dragon-artists.com/ttg , because I am a flake and don't know how to update the other sites. We'll get those updated tomorrow, promise!

TTG will be getting published before too long, along with several other Comic Genesis folks who are all participating in the Free Comic Book Day (http://www.cortlandcomic.com/fcbd.html). We'll share the two pages we're submitting after the comic is published ;)

We also snagged a couple of WCCA nominations (http://www.ccawards.com/2007.htm) this year, including Outstanding Artist, Outstanding Writer (for all of Matt's projects!), and Oustanding use of Color! Thank you to everyone who got us nominated this year, it means a lot to us! :D

Lastly, just a reminder that TTG will go into hibernation for a couple of months while I'm taking some classes to get me into a new and lucrative job at work. God willing, we'll have an update in February and March, and then be out until June.

Until next month! *waves*

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