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Page 37 is up!

Wow! Three years as of this update, and we've done something we weren't sure would happen... we've completed chapter one!!! Yes, today's update is the final page of this chapter, and my how far we've come.

We're going to take a break for a couple of months, getting some of the preliminary stuff out of the way so we'll be all set to get through chapter 2 - scripting things out, page drafts, a cover and that sort of thing. The comic's style is going to change a bit with Chapter 2, as well, in the hopes of making it possible for TTG to update more regularly (and maybe more often...).

We plan to begin updating again April 30, 2008. Until then, thanks for staying with us through the good times and the slow times, Matt and I both really appreciate the support :)

As of this post, Comic Genesis isn't allowing us to update, so TTG is only available at dragon-artists.

Thanks everyone!
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