Michelle (muse_gnome) wrote in ttg_comic,

Mystery of the Missing Updates

Ahoy all,

I apologize for not posting some kind of news update sooner.  Both Matt and I have been slammed at our respective jobs, and I've been rather burned out for the last couple of months.

TTG is officially on break for a bit, as much to allow me to focus on some after-hours training I need to complete for work, and because lately I have been horribly burned out artistically.

The comic itself has become somewhat unsustainable in its current form.  Folks have commented before that I'm spending far more time on each page than I probably need to, but it was my choice because I wanted to work that much on each page.  I don't have as much time to work on the comic as I use to, and so trying to do as much with less time has become a frustrating practice. 

So changes are coming to TTG in the near future, just not quite sure what it'll look like yet.

Thanks for hanging out with us in the mean time, and for your patience for this burned-to-a-crisp artist :)

Tags: ttg comic update news
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