February 28th, 2010

Chapter 2, Page 15

Um, yeah, seems like Matt accidentally posted that we'd update February 2nd, instead of the 28th... and forgot to mention that to me. Sorry about that! Matt did finally get the full Spiderforest site up and running now, and there's a RSS feed somewhere, so everything looks all pretty and un-broke'd again.

Nothing much else to talk about, TTG-wise this month. Matt and Michelle both are sick of cold weather and are looking forward to a few good days of warmer weather to thaw out.

However, Matt's other project, Tales of Pylea is getting a bit of a reboot! The artist for that comic asked me to paint it up for here, and you can see the finished cover in my Deviant-Art gallery here: http://dragonmajik.deviantart.com/art/Tales-of-Pylea-Cover-Art-154979342

See ya'll next month!