August 1st, 2010

Page 19 is up

One day late, though it might have been updated last night if Old Man Matt didn't have to go to bed once the sun goes down. In his defense, though, his place of employment got hit by lightning on Wednesday last week, and he spent the rest of the week trying to fix a massive amount of damage, so he was rather tired.

On the same subject, did you know that surge protectors don't actually help all that much when hit with a direct strike of lightning? Mmm, melted plastic and metal smells GOOD! *cough* Gak!

Today's page hurt to draw. Not literally, but ouch... just... ouch. Go read it, you'll see what we're talking about.

And JJ, creator of the Lounge, has done up a head sketch of our evil sorceress. Click here to go to his Deviantart page and give it a look! WHOHOO!!