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No update because...

I know, I should have gotten this done LAST weekend, but I ran out of time. And then proceeded to not have any time for the rest of the week, or it would have been posted sometime during that week.

All of Saturday was spent with the family for an early father's day get-together, where I was bit by some kind of bug. Might have been mosquito, maybe a spider... point is that I got a very small puncture to my drawing hand, which then became infected overnight.

I spent close to 4 hours at the hospital this afternoon to find out I had an infection, AND that I needed a tetanus shot. Whee o_O;

My hand is so swollen right now that you can't see the tendons, and my knuckles are all but gone with the swelling. It's enormous, I tells ya!

So yeah... no update since I haven't been able to paint all weekend for ... various reasons. *twitch*

Hopefully we'll be on track for next weekend... in other news, the new Batman movie is much fun :)

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