Chapter 2, Page 6

Sorry we missed the update last week. I got sick and wasn't able to complete the page any sooner. Also, my in-laws are visiting next weekend, so the next page might be delayed a week or two as well. Ah life, ain't it fun. :)

Speaking of life-related issues, we'd also like to announce and congratulate Matt and his family on the new addition to the brood - Mrs. Summers had a healthy baby girl early in the evening of the 5th of March!! Welcome to the world, Madison... let's hope your daddy doesn't spoil you *TOO* much.

In comic related news, TTG will be moving from the Comic Genesis server soon. We've been accepted to join the folks over at Spider Forest, and during the next few weeks we'll start the transition over to there. New forum, new comics to read... this is gonna be fun.

Until next time!

-Michelle Zastrow

TTG at Dragon-artists
TTG at SpiderForest

Chapter 2, Page 5!

Hello everyone!

We don't have much by the way of announcements this month. The move to spider forest is in progress, and over the course of the next year, we'd suggest changing your urls to the new site (once it's fully up and running). Eventually, the CG site will no longer be updated, and the SF will be getting all the new updates, etc... so watch this space on where to point your browsers very soon.

The site will continue to update as normal, of course, so those of you that visit from there, you don't need to do anything :D - we know there's a couple of little things that aren't quite done yet, but we'll get to them shortly!

See ya again at the end of February!

-Michelle Z.

Page 37 is up!

Wow! Three years as of this update, and we've done something we weren't sure would happen... we've completed chapter one!!! Yes, today's update is the final page of this chapter, and my how far we've come.

We're going to take a break for a couple of months, getting some of the preliminary stuff out of the way so we'll be all set to get through chapter 2 - scripting things out, page drafts, a cover and that sort of thing. The comic's style is going to change a bit with Chapter 2, as well, in the hopes of making it possible for TTG to update more regularly (and maybe more often...).

We plan to begin updating again April 30, 2008. Until then, thanks for staying with us through the good times and the slow times, Matt and I both really appreciate the support :)

As of this post, Comic Genesis isn't allowing us to update, so TTG is only available at dragon-artists.

Thanks everyone!
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Page 31 is up!

Yes, the new page is up, but only at , because I am a flake and don't know how to update the other sites. We'll get those updated tomorrow, promise!

TTG will be getting published before too long, along with several other Comic Genesis folks who are all participating in the Free Comic Book Day ( We'll share the two pages we're submitting after the comic is published ;)

We also snagged a couple of WCCA nominations ( this year, including Outstanding Artist, Outstanding Writer (for all of Matt's projects!), and Oustanding use of Color! Thank you to everyone who got us nominated this year, it means a lot to us! :D

Lastly, just a reminder that TTG will go into hibernation for a couple of months while I'm taking some classes to get me into a new and lucrative job at work. God willing, we'll have an update in February and March, and then be out until June.

Until next month! *waves*

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Page 26 is now available!

New page is complete. Now the fun part... anyone got a guess what in that last panel? Anyone? Anyone? MUWAHAHAHAH... you'll just have to wait and see! :D

Michelle wants to give a big thank you/supa-glomp to certain members of the CG community who helped scrape her off the floor when I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the comic. You rock! (But you already knew that! ;D)


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WCCA Nominations are in...

And look at that, TTG snagged a spot this year for best artwork :D :D :D

Thanks to everyone who got TTG nominated, Matt and I really appreciate it! Voting is open early July, but you had to be registered to vote I understand. But hey, lots of cool comics to look through if you're not registered :)

(and yes, I am done with my self-imposed vacation, working on the next page and should have it up by Sunday - barring cataclysimic events beyond my ability to control)
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Page 21 and more cameo-goodness!

Page 21 is now available, and we have another cameo-by-way-of-wall-art! Gort, from the webcomic Darken, makes his appearance on the walls of this strange castle that our folks are trying to get out of, and Dottiar's reaction... well, if you've ever read Darken, you'd understand how very appropriate it is.

The larger version of Gort is available in the Extras section, too!


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Page 19 doth Exist.

Heyo! I have finally crawled my way out of the sea of boxes, cleaned to my heart's content (at least for the moment), and FINALLY got the next page up.

We hope to return to a more regular schedule after this - barring incapacitation, real-life emergencies, and the end of reality, of course. My goal is to get at least to page 35 before the end of this year. Not that I'd mind getting a little further, mind you

Meanwhile... check it out:


Michelle, the now-homeowner. Wh00t.
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Update (sorry, not a page update!)

Hi everyone, just a brief update on where things are at the moment.

I have just moved to a new house, and have spent the last two weeks deep-cleaning everything, ripping up carpet, and generally becoming aquainted with the new place. Work has also kept me for 9 - 11 hours a work day, yielding much in the way of tiredness.

As such, there hasn't been much time for anything related to things I would rather be doing - music, art, etc. It's a momentary, if necessary, hiatus.

I hope to get life back on track before too long, and get back to updating the web comic with it!

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