Time for a new page!

Page 18 has been posted! We get to see the Goddess for just a moment, and then, ONWARD LITTLE GNOME! Go break some more stuff!

Comicgenesis is having some system problems at the moment, so the update is pending a responsive network to FTP. In the meantime, you can view the new page at dragon-artists:

And away we go!

Happy 1 year anniversary to TTG, while we're at it :) *sings*
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Page 11

Page 11 has been posted! :D

Over the last week there's been a couple of note-worthy things:

New fan art from Michael Derenge, artist of the web comic Pointless;

A cameo for a couple of TTG characters in the web comic Darken;

And I've also added a browse-by-thumbnail page for the comic. That link can be found on the archive page under the cover image.

Check it out at dragon-artists.com or ttg.keenspace.com.

*retires to her fortress of solitude to begin the next page*

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No update because...

I know, I should have gotten this done LAST weekend, but I ran out of time. And then proceeded to not have any time for the rest of the week, or it would have been posted sometime during that week.

All of Saturday was spent with the family for an early father's day get-together, where I was bit by some kind of bug. Might have been mosquito, maybe a spider... point is that I got a very small puncture to my drawing hand, which then became infected overnight.

I spent close to 4 hours at the hospital this afternoon to find out I had an infection, AND that I needed a tetanus shot. Whee o_O;

My hand is so swollen right now that you can't see the tendons, and my knuckles are all but gone with the swelling. It's enormous, I tells ya!

So yeah... no update since I haven't been able to paint all weekend for ... various reasons. *twitch*

Hopefully we'll be on track for next weekend... in other news, the new Batman movie is much fun :)

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No update this week.

There's bad news and there's some okay news.

The bad news is that the page was eaten alive. The file was corrupted and Photoshop will no longer recognize the file format. Matt helped me find an article on the Adobe website that details the error message. Turns out my Norton Anti-virus software is a known offender and devourer of photoshop files.

I have no means of recovering this file at this time, unless someone out there knows of a means of recovering a corrupted Photoshop CS file on a Mac. I've tried file-recover before, and I've poked at the Photoshop Cache to see if I could find it in there. I wonder if it's still somewhere in the scratch disk memory... anyway.

The okay news is that I have a backup. It's several hours old, but it's not a complete loss. I also have a couple of JPG in-progress shots I was sharing with Matt, so I have a ready guide for what I had gotten done.

I will be working most of the night on this painting, but I do not anticipate it being done today. So it might be next week before the new page is up.
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No update this week...

It's not for not trying to get the page done, it's just circumstances kept me away from the drawing table most of the last two weeks.

We mentioned a couple of posts back that I had a new job as a mutual fund rep, and I ended up working over 100 hours in the last two weeks. First Eagle decided to close its most popular mutual fund, so it's just been fairly insane and requiring a lot of overtime from everyone - there were people who had quite a bit more hours than I did X_x;

I've also had a nasty head cold since Wednesday, and the combination of many hours and illness has kept me in bed for most of the weekend.

I have most of the pencil work done and have begun transferring the drawings for inking. I'm aiming to have page 5 done by next weekend, but it depends on how next week treats me.

Thanks for your patience, we'll be back on track once work settles down a bit :)

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